The Rib

I find myself thinking of you as I go to bed
Wanting to feel you, touch you, hold you
Feeling lost because you are not there
Alone I am, alone

Last night when I made you cry
I would have sooner torn my heart from my chest
Than do that to you. 
Making you feel hurt and alone

This thing called love makes us
Burn inside, hurt inside, tingle
For us a two-edged sword is softer
Than the love that we show

To capture the former feeling
The two of us need that.
To love each other unconditionally
To love each other and forgive but not forget the other’s faults
To love each other and each other’s children
No conditions, no lies, no fears
To love each other as equals and not subordinates
To love each other beyond one’s self is the love we seek

Loving each other as partners, helpmates, soulmates
You are my rib and I am your shelter and your embrace
Your protection and your cover
For you, for me, you are my lover, my friend, my confidant
I am nothing without you, just a shell of what we can and will be
I want you, I need you, I love you my most precious Rib

Originally written 9-2001

© 2010. Kenneth Harl. All rights reserved.


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