Until I Make it Right

I wish I could erase the pain
The heartache I have brought
The lack of trust you have in me
The anger I have wrought

I want to say I’m sorry
I know it feels so trite
I need to find a balance
With which to make it right

I regret the feelings that you have
Inadequate are not you
Inadequate though I may be
Remove this thought I must do

The dreams we have together
Can still by us be found
Hopes that have bound us
Should not become unwound

I need to say I love you
Because it’s how I feel
I wish that you could feel the same
But only time will heal

I long to hold you close
Deep into the night
I know that this may not be
Until I make it right

I find myself so far adrift
I don’t know what to do
All I hope and all I pray
Is that I can be with you

Originally written 2-27-2009

© 2010. Kenneth Harl. All rights reserved.


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