What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the path to salvation. If we can not forgive ourselves or others, we can not see the true forgiveness that awaits us when we ask for it. Unforgiveness brings us a whole host of problems: physical, mental and spiritual.

The physical will include high blood pressure, aches and pains with no discernible cause, and just general malaise and headaches and such. Mental and emotional pain follow because of an inability to let go of the hurt that needs to be forgiven. Spiritual problems might have one questioning themselves and their relationship with God. An unforgiving heart causes not just the unforgiving pain, but the one that needs to be forgiven.

Forgiving others is a path to healing of all of these. All may not totally disappear but the effects will be lessened. Most noticeable will be the physical and the images and thoughts that haunt the one who does not forgive. The spiritual will manifest itself, but in a subtler manner. Changes will occur in the way in which a person responds to those around them and the hurts perceived or real that one feels are inflicted upon them. Forgiving allows us to release the anger and subsequent problems that occur if we do not. Forgiving brings us closer to God.

It’s taken me years and several stupid actions on my part, some on others for me to get to this point. All of us need forgiveness as we also need to forgive. In the past few months I have forgiven many hurts (perceived and real) both publicly and privately that have been done to me. Some people know, others do not. The real thing is that I am more at peace with myself than I have been in a long time.

© 2009. Kenneth Harl. All rights reserved.


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