Addicted to You

You told me you love me
But not in love anymore
Say you can’t see a way
To find what was before

This is not the first time
These words dropped from your lips
Months ago you said them
Your hands upon your hips

I understand your meaning
Even though you think I don’t
I just refuse to believe
I can’t, I shan’t, I won’t

Love we had together
For years until our fall
The love that we both shared
So we could give our all

Talking on the telephone
Proposed on Waikiki
Aimed to love you dearly
And give you my heart’s key

Honeymooned in Gatlinburg
The next year Niagara Falls
Why won’t you remember?
What fear is in those halls?

What would it really take
You and I to be one?
How can we ever find
The time to make it, hon?

Some people love their drugs
Alcohol for others will do
All that I know is this
I am addicted to you!

© 2010. Kenneth Harl. All rights reserved.


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