Changing Things Day 19

Parents were here today to bring me things that my 89 year old grandmother didn’t need anymore.  She broke her hip and is now in a nursing home permanently.  She will be 90 in October.

Kept control on unwarranted anger today, not to say I didn’t get angry.  My kids are hard to deal with sometimes and for once my parents were on my side of the argument.

The love of my life talked to me today.  I hadn’t talked to her since Thursday I don’t believe.  It was a short and fairly nice conversation.  Maybe it portends something more, maybe not. We will see.

I know if she is reading this that this may seem like pushing to her.  I am not concerned.  I just want her to know what’s going on with me so that maybe she can see I am trying to change and not just for her.  Maybe if she sees the changes we can work towards being together again and maybe she can drop her walls and fall in love with me again.  I know I am in love with her.  Maybe, hopefully…..something will come back.


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