Changing Things Days 26, 27 & 28


Things went well today.  Nothing really happened to upset me or anything.  My wife and I are getting along fine and life is good


Well i finally lost my temper.  Was supposed to mow the yard and had to pick up a mower at 8am. Didn’t get it till 9 then had to take my step-daughter to get her passport for her trip to Africa.  I wasn’t mad at her until I was told what to do and how to do it by an 18 year old.  I was irritated at the runaround from the “government” and the 30 minute task that took 2.5 hours and was never completed with ran on the way.


No big problems today.  Went home to Indiana and it of course took me 15 hours after my parents kept piling things on for me to do when I got there to pick up my son.


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