Changing Things Days 29, 30 & 31

I guess a quick synopsis is in order.  I have been so tired from my trip to Florida that I haven’t much felt like sharing anything.

I have once again exerted some control over my anger and my kids have been unusually nice to me.  I’ve been more irritated over circumstances than I have been over people making me mad….heck no one has made me mad to speak of.

The last few days have been more trying mentally than emotionally. I realized tonight that my wife is much more fragile and breakable than she appears.  It was, I would say, an a-ha moment when a lot of memories came together to form a conclusion.  Memories. that taken apart, meant little, but together meant a lot.  I have to change my thinking and actions toward her and how I deal with her because of this revelation.  Sometimes I may have been too harsh thinking she could take it. Now I must find a new path that accounts for the vulnerability that I realized she had.

I may be be dense sometimes about things but I do eventually get there.  Well another thing to add to the list of change.


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