Changing Things Day 90

Been a long, long time since I posted.  Things are not going well.  She wants a divorce and I am going to have to give it to her it seems.  I told her that she still has time to change her mind even up to the hearing.  We’ll see what happens.

Don’t know what to do and if I did how to do it.  Being apart does not let us work on the problems that we have.  She does not know how to forgive me.  Me, I say just do it.  Do it and mean it.  If she would do that then she could find out if she could still love me.  As long as she does not, she will never know or think that she can’t.

I went to see her Labor Day.  We are out eating and she says, “Knowing I want a divorce, why did you come down here?”  Wasn’t sure how to answer that one but I gave it my best try and told her that I needed a vacation and maybe I could change her mind.  That didn’t work then and obviously still isn’t.

Still have ups and downs with the anger.  More ups than downs though.  Getting things under control for now.  More later.


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