Do you have an opinion?

All of us have opinions.  It seems that we are born with them. From birth we form opinions about people, things, places.  Our opinions make us comfortable, safe, relaxed.

What bothers me though is people who write articles purported to be news but are usually thinly veiled or, more often, blatant stories on the writer’s opinions, fears or prejudices,  opuses better suited for the op-ed page or a blog.  News is supposed to be so designed as to help us form our own opinions through unbiased presentation of the facts with maybe a smidgen of the writer’s bias apparent.

I read far too many "articles" where I am told what or how to think rather than just to think and formulate my own opinion peculiarly biased to myself.  When a reporter or news writer injects their view…their bias into a true news article, it degrades the informational value of the article and steers the reader toward a predetermined conclusion.  News is not supposed to be a persuasive essay or a political speech.  It just shouldn’t be.  When we as a society allow the talking heads to become "expert," and I use the term loosely, talking heads, we become nothing more than a tittering mob obsessed with the opinion of the day, more absorbed in self than in the world around us.

I’ve probably stepped on some toes, and if I did, I am not sorry.  This is just one guy’s opinion.

© 2011. Kenneth Harl. All rights reserved.


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