Growing older

Ball State University

Image by D.Liv via Flickr

My daughter turns 18 in May and starts college in the fall at Ball State University. She begins her journey toward the rest of her life while her mother and I must stand to the side and watch.  We can attempt to guide her, but she will push against us if we try too hard.

I was there when she was born.  Her mother might say otherwise, since labor was long and drawn out and I believe I had fallen asleep when the action started.  But I know I was there as my daughter was born, a small, insignificant person in a large, unfriendly world.

I have tried to be a good father to her and her brother. In some ways I have triumphed and in others I have failed. I should have a closer relationship with both my children, but I do not.  Divorce does that sometimes.

But there is one thing that my daughter should know, one thing that I truly mean.  I am proud of her and most—can’t say all here—of her choices and I am proud of what she wants to do with her life.

I guess that’s how a father should feel.


One thought on “Growing older

  1. Rick Tallent

    Has it already been 18 years? WOW—I guess that means we’re both getting older.

    Dads can only stand on the sidelines and hope (and pray) that their children will somehow realize the efforts that were made to be a good parent, provider, and example of a Christian person, and not just seek to escape and never look back. Their childhoods may not have been ‘perfect’ in their eyes, however, they were not nearly as tough as we had growing up…times were different then, and we appreciated and loved our parents whether we liked them or not…..we honored them because they were our parents.

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