Enter (again), Ron Paul!

Ron Paul has once again thrown his hat into the ring in a run for the the Republican nomination for President.  Imagine that, another Republican that has zero chance of getting out of the primaries much less winning the general election, is muddying the landscape as we gear up for 2012.  We have Huckabee and Trump, both undeclared, already making the GOP look like loons. 

What’s next?  Jesse Jackson changes parties and brings along the crazy fringe from the Democratic party?  And so as not to offend anyone, I am not saying African-American Democrats are nuts, just a select few.  I think it’s time that people wanting to throw their hat in (any party) take the time to realistically assess the potential for success.  Realistically, only 3 or 4 and maybe five in any Presidential primary season have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination.  The potential Republican field is seriously overpopulated.

We have:

     Ron Paul (declared)
     Mitt Romney
     Mike Huckabee
     Sarah Palin
     Donald Trump
     Tim Pawlenty
     Newt Gingrich
     Mitch Daniels
     Michele Bachmann
     John Hunstman
     Herman Cain
     Buddy Roemer
     John Bolton
     Scott Brown
     Jeb Bush
     Rick Santorum

Of these, there are maybe six that have any chance.  These are Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich, Daniels, Huntsman, and Bush.  So out of 16 potential candidates we have six that might win the nomination excluding someone not mentioned.  Out of these, two suffer from no one knowing who they are: Daniels (Governor of Indiana) and Huntsman (former ambassador to China under Obama).  Of the remaining four, Bush has said that he will not run in 2012 but to never say never, leaving three of which none is particularly charismatic.  I honestly care for none of the remaining three.  I will bet though that we enter Iowa next year with at least ten candidates on the ballot.

What is a Republican to do?  We have no Reganesque figure to whip up the masses and lead us to victory.  All we have is an electorate that put the current President in the White House slowly waking up to the fact that they were sold a bill of goods.  Which one of these potential candidates is going to take up that talking point and hammer it home with proof?  Which one is charismatic and persuasive enough to make it stick and/or capture the imagination of a generation?  Short of this, the GOP will hand the election to the Democrats as we put forth no viable alternative.  Someone please step up and be the next shining star.

“Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’.”
"I’m afraid I can’t use a mule. I have several hundred up on Capitol Hill."

Ronald Reagan


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