Casey Anthony and the Cult of Stupidity

We, as Americans, ought to be ashamed.  Through sensationalism and chasing after ratings, we have made a story where there was not one, made a mountain out of a pile of dirt.  No, I am not disrespecting Caylee.  I find it tragic when children die, their lives taken away before they had a chance to live.  I speak to the outrage of people, who through the rantings (I do not dignify it with another term) of Nancy Grace and dozens of other “pundits,” had already convicted Casey of killing her daughter and wanted to see her dead. 

In another time and another place this would just have been a story of child disappears, remains found, parent suspected with no three year prosecution by the media and little if no attention paid to the initial story or the outcome.  This, as we all know, is not and was not the case.  Talking heads and print reporters grilled Casey’s story, prosecuted her, pronounced her guilty, and attempted to sentence her without the benefit of a trial or release of  ALL of the evidence.  For three years it was nothing short of a witch hunt with the head Inquisitor being Nancy Grace. I am not saying any of these people is ignorant of law or lacks intelligence. I am saying that an ethical standard has been breached where opinion is substituted for truth and emotionalism that is used to whip up the masses and sell the story replaces common sense.

We, the American people, are not without blame though.  Through our almost childish chasing of the sensational and the most shallow forms of entertainment, think Jersey Shore (if you think this is real, let me introduce you to some of my Italian friends),  The Real World, and most “reality" shows in general, we have given the media license to exploit our own shallowness and stupidity.  We, as a nation, have failed to hold our politicians, the media, or ourselves accountable to anything but what makes us feel good or gives us a laugh or allows us to feel indignant without the benefit of having to form our own opinions.  When we worship at the altar of Reality TV and consider the pronouncements of Snooki to be gospel, who do we have to blame but ourselves?

This a prime example of what I stated earlier in “Do you have an opinion?”.  We have allowed those whom we follow to form our opinions for us, those whom we revere to tell us what to think, and those with the power, be it political or perceived, to instruct us in what to do.   I am not advocating a revolution in government or any type or rebellion except that of thought and ideas.  We must decide to take back our thoughts, opinions, and actions before all we become is the extension of the ideas and prejudices of those we charge with providing us the information with which to make those opinions.


2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony and the Cult of Stupidity

  1. What is really sickening is that the day of the verdict, CNN’s news that night which of course, featured Nancy Grace, has the most viewers in the 29 year history of the show. That’s show biz. Great blog by the way.

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