Star Trek Part 2: Cultural and Technological Influences

We have all heard the phrase “Beam me up.”  Well, we have Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek to thank for this and other things in our lives and culture. I will just give examples, since a detailed list might well be long and cumbersome.


Cultural Influences

  • “Beam me up.”
  • “Resistance is futile”
  • “Live long and prosper”
  • Various references on television shows, in books, in the media, etc.


Technological Influences

  • While some of these may not be influenced directly by Star Trek, they are close to the visualization in the serie(s).
  • The MRI preceded Star Trek: The Motion Picture by 6 years so this is a toss up as to who copied who – Tricorder, Diagnostic Bed in ST:TMP
  • Cell phone – Communicator
  • Palm Pilot, Handspring, IPad, IPod – PADD device
  • Universal Translator – TRANSTAC, US army’s former English-Arabic translator
  • Sliding doors with no pressure plates
  • Touchscreens
  • Biometrics – Various scanners and remote sensing
  • Various needleless injection technologies -  Hypospray

Work is being done on a viable transportation technology, as well as a phaser-like weapon and other Star Trek technologies.


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