My Predictions for 2012

Everyone has their predictions, so I will give it a go, one for each month.   Bet you I am closer to right.

1.  The Super Bowl will once again not be played in January and the AFC team will win it.

2.   Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow and amazingly we will have 6 weeks and 5 or 6 days more of winter just like every other year.


3.  Saint Patrick’s Day will again fall on the 17th of March and totally miss the Ides…..what was the Catholic Church thinking?

75px-University_of_Kentucky_Logo.svg[1]4.  The University of Kentucky will win it’s 8th NCAA championship in basketball.  Well according to the pattern that will be next year, but I’m an alumnus so PFFFFBBBBT!!!!!

5.  The Kentucky Derby will be run on the first Saturday in May and a horse will win it not a jockey since they are only along for the ride.

6.  After the Belmont Stakes is run in June, we still will not have another Triple Crown winner.

7.  My son will get his driver’s license.  REMEMBER PEOPLE, I’M GIVING YOU 7 MONTHS WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  The Republicans will again nominate a lackluster candidate for President.  We only get saved from complete boredom if Ron Paul is the nominee.  If Paul does by some miracle win, will he have his son Rand as his running mate?



75px-Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama[1]9.  The Democrats select Barack Obama again.  Don’t we get a do over?  Isn’t it time for real change?  If you as a Democrat believe that, dump BO.

Now before anyone thinks I am being biased with the way the picture looks, I tried to fix it for about 30 minutes and gave up


10.  The stock market takes a large slide setting up #11.  Seems these always come in October.

11.  Despite prediction number 8, the Republicans pull out a slight victory, proving just how much President Obama is not liked by the electorate.  Heck I’ll go out on a limb here, 280-258 in the Electoral College.

12.  I don’t know whether I can stress this enough.  THE WORLD WILL NOT END.  There is NO Planet X, Nibiru, Mongo, aliens from Zeta Reticuli, etc.  The poles will not switch nor the Earth suddenly begin rotating in a different direction.  Neither will cosmic alignments nor solar storms cause us many problems.  Once again THE WORLD WILL NOT END!


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