Please tell me people are smarter than this

I don’t know whether people blindly follow a political line, that they are so totally oblivious that you can just name drop and they will follow, or that they are just incredibly, incredibly stupid.   Please watch the following videos and give me hope that we as a species are not irrevocably doomed……













Many at this time of year would like to cause confusion and division. They don’t specifically do this out of spite, but out of ignorance of the etymologies of words. I am speaking of the “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas” crowd.

Most of these people are well-meaning, but misinformed individuals. Xmas is not something new to the 20th century. The earliest use, “X’temmas” meaning Christmas, dates to around 1551 in English since shortened to Xmas. An even earlier reference to Christmas is Xp̄es mæsse in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle around 1100. This is an Anglicization of Greek.

X itself, in this context, refers to the letter chi in Greek, an abbreviation used by the early church for Christ. This abbreviation is still used by the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant denominations to refer to Christ. In many manuscripts of the New Testament, Χ is an abbreviation for Χριστος (Christos in English), as is XC.

My biggest problem with this thinking is that people will blindly follow their pastor’s lead without checking to see if he even knows what he is saying. This is a case of the blind leading the blind. For when you look to find evil or whatever under every rock, you will surely find it or interpret it as such since that is what you seek.

And for those who would say that I am looking only on the Internet, I have known these things stated above for over 30 years. I first researched it in the late 70’s in a book, namely The Encyclopaedia Britannica. I’ve just used the Internet out of convenience for all those who read this.


Conspiracies or, Do These Nuts Grow on Trees or Just Congregate on Social Media?

First I want to say I am conservative, Republican and God-fearing, but I believe that conspiracy theorists do a disservice to the Conservative movement.

Conservatism should foremost be mostly non-reactionary.  In the last decade, though, I have watched it devolve into a knee-jerk reactionary movement more akin to children not getting their way.  That is not to say that quick reaction is unnecessary.  In some instances it is paramount, but even then should be well reasoned and pragmatic.

I see posts on Facebook, other social media and websites devoted to the belief that the United States is going to hell in a hand basket.  From Obama is a communist, Islamic, non-citizen (points 1 and 2 are mutually exclusive theoretically) to FEMA concentration camps and death lists.  A major proponent of these theories is Barbara Hartwell (disclaimer: from what I find on the Internet).  A perusal of her website seems to show a well spoken person with inside knowledge of some sinister things.  But posts and copied emails by her (less polished) show a rambling disorganized mind that bounces all over.  I will admit to not having read any books, papers etc. that she has written, but I have met several people like this in my 46 years and in almost every instance the person was a nutcase to the extreme.

Most of these theories are presented as secondhand information from a “source” that is nameless and unverifiable but nevertheless we all would know and admire if we only knew who they were, at least so we are told. Interviews on the subject tend to move from the original topic to more bizarre and unverifiable topics if allowed to proceed long enough. Other times there is verifiable information that has been so distorted from the original that it supports the crazy theory that someone is espousing.  Mainly though these theorists speak from their gut, going with what will sell regardless of outlandishness or verifiable evidence to contrary.

The internet provides a bully pulpit for those who crave attention.  Bizarre theories, distorted facts, and bombastic rhetoric are the bread and butter of these “purveyors of truth.”  But this does not negate the fact that as long as it tickles our ears or falls in line with our beliefs or paranoias (depending on the person), we will lap it up and ask for even more bizarre things. Ephesians 4:14 says it best:  “We must no longer be children, tossed to and fro and blown about by every wind of doctrine, by people’s trickery, by their craftiness in deceitful scheming.”

This concludes today’s rant


I just read were LBGT’s were asked by their lobbying groups to stage a “Kiss-in” at Chick-Fil-A and then post a picture of it. 

Whose bright idea was this? Does the LBGT community want to be taken seriously???

Come on guys, this is typical, for lack of a better way of putting it, gay thinking.  You want to be taken seriously? Do what the Chick-Fil-A supporters did, but find yourself a company that supports your views and then have every LBGT person and your supporters go to that company and buy.  Show your economic muscle, not how good you are with your tongues.  Geez, at least use some common sense.  PDA’s are just that, a public display of affection.  If you want to fight a “war” at least try not to bring a knife to gunfight.

Revisiting my predictions for 2012

Everyone has their predictions, so I will give it a go, one for each month. Bet you I am closer to right.

1. The Super Bowl will once again not be played in January and the AFC team will win it.

Wrong, NFC won.  0-1

2. Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow and amazingly we will have 6 weeks and 5 or 6 days more of winter just like every other year.

Right.  1-1

3. Saint Patrick’s Day will again fall on the 17th of March and totally miss the Ides…..what was the Catholic Church thinking?

Right. 2-1

75px-University_of_Kentucky_Logo.svg[1]4. The University of Kentucky will win it’s 8th NCAA championship in basketball. Well according to the pattern that will be next year, but I’m an alumnus so PFFFFBBBBT!!!!!

                      OMG I was right.  3-1

5. The Kentucky Derby will be run on the first Saturday in May and a horse will win it not a jockey since they are only along for the ride.

Right.  4-1

6. After the Belmont Stakes is run in June, we still will not have another Triple Crown winner.

Right.  5-1

7. My son will get his driver’s license. REMEMBER PEOPLE, I’M GIVING YOU 7 MONTHS WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I wrong on this one if it is due to scheduling?  5-1-1

8. The Republicans will again nominate a lackluster candidate for President. We only get saved from complete boredom if Ron Paul is the nominee. If Paul does by some miracle win, will he have his son Rand as his running mate?

Right. 6-1-1

75px-Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama[1]9. The Democrats select Barack Obama again. Don’t we get a do over? Isn’t it time for real change? If you as a Democrat believe that, dump BO.

Now before anyone thinks I am being biased with the way the picture looks, I tried to fix it for about 30 minutes and gave up.


Right. 7-1-1

10. The stock market takes a large slide setting up #11. Seems these always come in October.

I was wrong here.


11. Despite prediction number 8, the Republicans pull out a slight victory, proving just how much President Obama is not liked by the electorate. Heck I’ll go out on a limb here, 280-258 in the Electoral College.

Wrong again.  I hope people are “happy.”  7-3-1

12. I don’t know whether I can stress this enough. THE WORLD WILL NOT END. There is NO Planet X, Nibiru, Mongo, aliens from Zeta Reticuli, etc. The poles will not switch nor the Earth suddenly begin rotating in a different direction. Neither will cosmic alignments nor solar storms cause us many problems. Once again THE WORLD WILL NOT END!